Beta program

Information about the current limitations.

Thank you for trying

First off, thank you for trying BroaderPlay. As we are building more features to make it easier to host OpenRCT2 servers we wanted to share and test our current progress by making it available for everyone.

To make the services available for everyone, we needed to restrict or limit some functionalities. You can find list of these limitations below.

During the beta period you can have a maximum of 1 server(s) running at the same time. This will change in the future, but you are likely to pay for what you use when that happens.
Currently a server is set to automatically shut down after 2 hours. This shutdown happens without any notices in-game. You can view how many minutes you have remaining in the overview at the dashboard.
Not at this moment. But do not worry: when the server shuts down any connected client can still save the progress. If you want to continue building your park, you can use the save game file to start a new server.
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